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Mariage à Lyon

Wedding DJ 

Lyon - DJ Sax 

Sound and animation of your wedding 


DJ for your wedding, ceremony, cocktail, party ...


      Cocktail with DJ Saxophonist :

  • We propose for your cocktail a mix of electro-jazz music, lounge, with regular interventions on saxophone. We will sound the space dedicated to the cocktail. 


       Sound of the dining room : 

  • Then we will sound the meal with music of your choice (bossa nova and jazz for example), we manage the control room and video projection where appropriate.


       DJ, sound and lights for the party :

  • To finish, we will animate in music (DJ + sound + lights) your wedding's party, by going through all the musical styles which we will have previously defined with you. We want the music selection to look like you.


        Sound system and lights installation :

  • We install the necessary equipment for all the sound and lighting of your wedding. You can also ask us for a bright decoration service. We will then install projectors to backlight the walls of your dinning room. You can contact us now for a quote and to book your date.

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