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Our services in video

Sound installation and lighting

Sound of your ceremony, cocktail, dinner and wedding party :

We sound the whole of your wedding. We install the material adapted to your event, the space to be covered and the number of guests. For your ceremony and cocktail, we use compact and highly mobile powered speakers. For your meal and your wedding party, we use a more powerful sound system, with a subwoofer to restore the full spectrum of sound and enjoy the dance floor.

Highlighting your room and your dance floor :

We install our lights to glaze the dance floor, we use different devices: Lasers, smoke, pars, multi effects leds. We can also take care of the bright decoration of your room by installing spots of the color of your choice at the foot of walls.

Musical entertainment of your wedding

DJ and sax for the cocktail :

For your wedding's cocktail we offer a felted music, lounge and jazzy. If you wish, a saxophonist will improvise regularly on the music and offer a live atmosphere to your wedding.

DJ for your wedding party :

Your DJ will be professional and 100% at your service. You will have the opportunity to send us your musical choices, whether for your entry into the room, the presentation of a dish, your opening dance or your musical desires during the party. We will strive to make your wedding unique and personalized.

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